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How We Turned an Ordinary Order into a Spectacular Success


When a customer comes to us with a label challenge, finding the perfect solution is something we take personally.

Dave contacted TUFFLabels.com looking for a classy label to place on the center of the hubcaps he manufactures. In a combined effort between Dave and our TUFFLabels team, we were able to create and produce a laminated label with the holographic material he wanted.

Dave called and he was ecstatic! The finished labels were beyond his expectations and he could not praise them enough.

Meanwhile in production, one of the crew thought the holographic material would look awesome as a domed label. Since we are always open to improving perfection, we domed a few and they turned out amazing. The dome really enhanced the rainbow colors of holographic material creating a one-of-a-kind label. We shipped Dave a few samples of the domes at no cost, he absolutely loved them and proceeded to place an order for domed holographic labels!

We are in the business of turning an ordinary order into a spectacular success story! Now a valued customer can order domed or laminated holographic labels knowing either type of label will truly enhance his product!

For more information go to DomeLabels.com or TUFFLabels.com

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Author:Brenda Wall

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