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Summer Heat and UV Labels


Summer is a time of fun and vacations. While you can go indoors when it gets too hot, what about your labels, can they handle the intense heat? Just as being out in the sun can damage unprotected skin, UV rays affect labels exposed to extreme conditions during the hot summer months.

We have all seen faded unreadable labels with curled up edges. Those labels did not have anything in them to combat the intense rays of the sun. The same UV rays that damage skin can break down the label, even causing the print to fade then eventually disappear after only a few years.

UV Laminate and Polyurethane Domes with built-in UV inhibitors actually deflect damaging UV rays and extend the life and quality of labels. Just as you would pick the best sunscreen for your skin, UV Laminate and Domes are like sunscreen to your outdoor labels. With UV inhibitors, your labels will last 7 to 10 years, or even longer, without breaking down or fading.

When you need long-lasting and durable outdoor labels, remember the importance of putting sunscreen on your labels and include UV inhibitors in the laminate!

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Author:Alice Holm

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