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Do I Really Want Clear?


While there are many reasons to use clear, it is important to understand how clear labels look once applied. Here are a few items to consider before choosing a clear substrate.



  1. We first suggest you request our free sample kit. With free samples you will be able to see exactly how a clear label will look on your product surface.


  1. Air entrapment under a clear label on some surfaces is very visible. Air bubbles under labels can be especially noticeable when applied to imperfect or textured surfaces.


  1. A clear label may be more difficult to place on your product without getting a fingerprint on the back, which will likely be visible after the label is applied.


  1. The nature of clear substrate is that it may appear slightly cloudy once applied depending on the application and print.


Even though there are things to consider before choosing to print your labels on clear, there are times when clear substrate is the best option for a specific application.

Clear is an excellent solution when you want your label to match your product without having to print the product color. Clear may be necessary when the label is going on a clear object or container; or perhaps you need areas of the label to be transparent windows for LED lights; or when you want the label to blend in with a label-less look.

Consider these suggestions before ordering a clear label.


Author:Alice Holm

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