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The Layers of a Custom Durable Label

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Durable labels, the ones that last on your product for years, are custom created from combinations of different special materials.

Liner is not technically part of the label, but it is very important to the end product. Liner has to be strong enough to hold the substrate, ink layers, and dome or laminate, and still stay flat and smooth so there are no creases or folds, which can cause visible flaws in the finished label.


Pressure Sensitive Adhesive has already been applied to the underside of the label substrate as tiny glue bubbles. Rubbing over the top of the finished label warms and softens it, and the pressure helps the bubbles to pop, they melt together to glue the label in place. The thickness and strength of the adhesive determines how permanent the label is.

Substrate is the base of the label and is usually a polyester, vinyl, polypropylene or polycarbonate material. Substrates can be colored, white, clear, metallic or reflective, the universal similarity is they are all capable of being printed on. Ink (or Print) goes on top of the substrate. The print layer defines the label as yours, because your unique artwork is placed here.

Once printing is finished, the label will be laminated or domed.

On a laminated label, the laminate is sealed to the top of the printed substrate, then the labels are cut and the excess material is removed leaving your custom shaped labels.


For a dome label, the printed substrate is cut and the excess material is removed leaving the individual shape of your label. Then a liquid polyurethane substance flows onto each label (the edge of the cut label acts like a tiny wall to stop the polyurethane from running over). The polyurethane cures and hardens creating a curved dome surface which gives your artwork a three-dimensional look.

Your one-of-a-kind label is custom created from start to finish.

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